From Farming to Photography

The Local: Danielle Harvey

The Location: Hylows Farm, Dulyalbin, W.A. 

The Love: Photography

Someone recently asked me why I decided to become more serious about photography – so I went away and had a think about it. Why?

I live in the bush on a farm ………. every morning that I climb out of bed I always see and find something new to look, or otherwise I look at the same things in a different light.

A cob-web on a fence post can be quite unspectacular one morning and look like a web full of diamonds the next after a heavy fog.

Diamond Filled Spider Webs

An old bit of machinery, rusting away in hidden corner of the farm tells a story of times gone by when “horse-power”, was quite literally “horse power”.

Seeding RunsOn the gravel road, watching the little unassuming ant hills turn into ant mansions when it is about to rain. Or the dust that the sheep kick up when they are walking to water in the afternoon leaves a lazy, dusty haze hovering over a paddock on a long summer’s day.

There is so much to photograph in the bush why wouldn’t you have a camera (or at least your phone) in your hand at all times?


To view more of Danielle’s beautiful farm photography follow this link:

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